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HD Circular Earbuds


New Enjoyment


Bonnaire innovates mx-100, which is a pair of brand new circular earphones. Relieving the common symptoms of flat sound and insufficient details as found in many other similar earbuds, this mx-100 not only has more music and vocal details, but also to give you a surprisingly great music enjoyment.



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Original Design


Optimal Speakers


Bonnaire mx-100 features with a professional and original shape. Its speakers utilized the benefits of the composite layer design and perfectly blended with the precision as tuned by the well-versed musical crafter. mx-100 takes the pride to bring you this first-class, unique circular earbuds.



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Dedicated Tuning


Leapfrogging Others


Bonnaire mx-100 adopts a high definition and highly dynamic speaker. Together with an extraordinary musical tuning, it reproduces a truly flexible, meticulous sound. Such great music experience is far beyond to compare by others.



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Great Vocal


Crystal • Detailed


Bonnaire mx-100 delivers a high-end earphone vocal standard that gives you richer and more defined musical details than many others found in the market. Vocal sound is so clear and balanced. Its mids and highs are also distinguished to put yourself into the song.



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Casual Wearing Style


Ergonomic • Comfortable


Are you passionate for a comfortable and causal earphone? Bonnaire mx-100 is designed for you. It will never put you down for the music quality as it is really an innovative and new circular earbuds for great music.



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Twisted Cable


Enhance Longevity


Bonnaire mx-100 is a twisted-cable earphone which will not only enhance the life span, but also reduce the wear and tear situation as it is tangle-free. Therefore, in-and-out from your pouch is now hassle-free.



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Digital Volume Control


New Smart+TM technology


Bonnaire mx-100 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the in-line volume control. Its digital volume +/- control button Smart+TM, is compatible with iOS and Samsung devices. Simply plug and play. It's magically convenient! Also built in with in-line microphone, mx-100 makes you happy to talk anytime, anywhere.



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Thoughtful Design


Durable L-shape


Bonnaire mx-100 adopts L-shape jack plug design in order to enhance cable durability. No more worry about the cable.





Type: Circular Earbuds

Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz

THD. Total Harmonic Distortion:<5%


Sound Pressure Level SPL (Sensitivity):111dB

Transducing Principle: Dynamic

Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB

Jack Plug: Gold-plated L-shape 3.5 mm Jack Plug

Line length: 1.2M symmetrical*

Weight: 15g

Microphone: Support iOS and most Android devices^

Remote control: Support iOS and Samsung devices^


  1. * About 1-3cm difference in measurement
  2. ^ As platform and apps of smart phones are changing rapidly, we do not assure the compatibility beyond April 2019. Please consult your local distributor or try the product at the free trail spots before making your purchase.