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Hybrid Drivers for Professional Stage Performance Use


Restore Every Single Detail


This masterpiece mx-725 let you rediscover your favorite songs as it enhances expressive power of the music. Engineered with a well-tuned dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver, this duo hybrid driver system would deliver emotive details with rich bass, accurate mid-range, and crystal-clear highs.


Adopting 2-way passive crossovers, mx-725 would create much more smoother frequency responses for achieving excellent sound performance. Restoring every single detail, accurately analyzing different kinds of instrument, mx-725 enables you to discriminate every musical note. mx-725 is truly dedicated to audiophiles.



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Unparallel Natural and Harmonious


Optimal Sound Performance


mx-725 is a sound crafter which has optimal performance, thanks for the greatest dedications of the music craft team. They have devoted hundreds of day and night to tune such brilliant harmonious tone by a perfect combination of dynamic and B.A drivers.



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Gorgeous Earpiece Style


Self-esteemed Carbon Fiber | Mystery Galaxy Black


Self-esteemed Carbon Fiber | Mystery Galaxy Black



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Custom-made Style


Comfort | Ergonomic


mx-725 adopts canal-fit in-ear design, which would attenuate the ambient noise. It is also designed for optimal wearing comfort which is ideal for professional on-stage performers. The secure fit wearing gives you peace-of-mind even when you are doing sports. The ergonomic wearing design will ease out the ear burden even for long hours work-out.



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Cable Replaceable Design


Convertible to Wireless Headset1


mx-725 enables mix-and-match. Despite it has a 3.5mm jack-plug cable, it would be converted to wireless headset if you have the compatible mmcx wireless over-the-neck cable. Replaceable cable is a life extension concept as after tear-and-wear of the existing cable, the earpieces would extend its life if a new cable is acquired.



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Bold MMCX Connector


Quality Assured Greater Durability


mx-725 adopts industry-wide standard MMCX for its connector in order to optimize the compatibility. Many MMCX connectors of other brands are often discovered with bad contact before long. To avoid this, mx-725 has attentively chosen the bold MMCX created by our precise iron-mould. We reduce the deviation tolerance to the barely minimal so that our connectors would be much more stable and durable.



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Dazzling Twill Cables


Magnificent Design


mx-725 uses the top-class twisted cable. Not only making the earphones more distinctive, but also enhancing the durability.



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Digital In-line Control


Innovative Smart +TM Technology


mx-725 is engineered with the latest technology. The Smart + in-line control, the digital volume buttons, are widely compatible with iOS and Samsung devices. Simply plug and play. The microphone is compatible with iOS and Android. Answering call would be that easy for audiophile grade earphones.



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Perfect Combo Set


Easy to Carry Around


mx-725 earphone case is easy to carry around, which also effectively protects the earphones and cable.





Compatible Cables


Many Options At Your Choice


Bonnaire Bluetooth cable mx-B1 is sold separately. You can also choose other compatible cable catering your needs.

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Transducer Principle: Dynamic + Balanced Armature Drivers

Headphone Pin: MMCX Connector

Type: In-ear Style

Wearing Style: Over-the-Ear / Sport Style

Frequency Response: 19-20000 Hz

THD. Total Harmonic Distortion:<1%


Sound Pressure Level SPL:102dB

Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB

Jack Plug:3.5mm

Cable Length:1.2m Symmetrical

Net Weight:19g

Microphone:Support Android and iOS

Volume + / - Control:Support iOS and Samsung


  1. Bonnaire mx-B1 Bluetooth cable is sold separately