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Camera Shutter Remote App (MX-725BT/MX-315BT/MX-335BT/MX-B1/MX-620+/MX-620/MX-616/MX-615/MX-610/BT-901/BT-26sPro)
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Bonnaire has launched a Camera Shutter Remote App. With the use of the App, you would take mobile photos via the bluetooth headsets.

Steps for taking photo:

1.Download Camera Shutter Remote App (Smile.apk)

2.Install on the phone

3.Launch the App

4.Press volume key (+) twice of the Bluetooth headset (MX-725BT/MX-315BT/MX-335BT/MX-B1/MX-620+/MX-620/MX-616/MX-615/MX-610/BT-901/BT-26sPro) to take photo

Additional Function (Bluetooth Battery Display) :
Drag the App from the widgets to the desktop of Android phone, the battery level of Bluetooth headset (MX-725BT/MX-315BT/MX-335BT/MX-B1/MX-620+/MX-620/MX-616/MX-615/MX-610/BT-901/BT-26sPro) will be shown on the phone.
(Please refer to the following for reference)
PS : Battery level of MX-725BT/MX-315BT/MX-335BT/MX-B1/MX-620+/MX-620/MX-616/MX-615/MX-610/BT-901/BT-26sPro shall automatically be displayed on iOS without app to install.