Bluetooth Technology 


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Bluetooth enables communication without wires by using radio transceivers embedded inside 2 or more units. Bluetooth is a radio frequency that assures for compatibility as it deploys a common standard recognized globally. 


Bluetooth 3.0/ 4.0 are the latest versions which are much more superior to the traditional Bluetooth headset as it adopts the leading V3.0/ 4.0 chipset which would enable faster connection, clearer communication, lesser interference as well as low standby current which enhances the longevity. Moreover, it would connect to 2 mobile phones at the same time, which would make your call so sound and great!

Noise Reduction Technology 

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The unique far-field noise suppression technology delivers more natural-sounding voice quality by eliminating the output frequency distortions and other audio artifacts common with digital signal processor (DSP) or microprocessor software-based systems that use sub-band frequency processing algorithms to implement noise suppression. 

The dual microphones array amplifier, which uses far-field noise suppression technology, reduces background noise and improves voice communication clarity in headsets. 

The technology improves the talker's voice-signal-to-background-noise ratio in the communications system while retaining natural speech quality. Additionally, the voice-signal-to-background-noise improvement allows increased accuracy by voice recognition systems since the background noise is not a significant part of the signal to discriminate against. 

The continuous-time analogue processor provides instantaneous response to voice and background noise signals, unlike DSPs and processors which require extra computation time to adjust to voice background noise levels.